Welcome to Webpreneur Rich List - internet entrepeneurs and the new rich

This is the first post, so here’s  a summary and introduction to kick things off…

The Webpreneur Rich List aims to catalog the success stories of Internet Entrepreneurialism.  As a blog we will be periodically detailing our own findings of uber rich entrepreneurs, providing tips, tricks and news as well as some great offers and advice to get you started on the rich list ladder.

We also have set categories covering the key areas of online money making, and will feature special articles from those webpreneurs kind enough to be interviewed and give us an insight into their online world.

Our main rich list categories are: ‘Heavyweight Champions’, Bloggers, Affiliations, Software, Web applications, Physical products, eBooks and eBay.  We’re also looking for evidence of the Highest Google Adsense check ever recieved, and similar artifacts for Affiliations and eBay.
If you are a successful webpreneur and wish to be features on webrichlist.com please get in touch and we’ll get the balls rolling!
If you’re here to explore please continue, and feel free to comment on the blogs and articles.